Well let me tell you a story of our fine police summon systems (I’m being sarcastic here). I got this summon for speeding dated 28th July 2010 which by right and the right thing to do is to pay the summon. Unfortunately this is the best part of the story of how the systems works. And because of this now I realized why so many summons have been left unpaid. Well here’s how it begins, I got fined for speeding (which I don’t remember when I did it but it doesn’t matter) and date 28th July 2010. But since then there have been ziltch, nada, squat, zero, nothing from Polis Di Raja Malaysia, let it be an indication of the fine, or a warning that’s it going to be blacklisted if I didn’t pay. So finally last week I got a letter from them finally to say that I have an unpaid summons. So well I clear the summons (via a representative) to pay the summons. And when we asked why there was no indication for the summons or warning, their reply “Oh we don’t send notifications to the people”. Now that is pretty smart isn’t it?

No wonder so many haven’t paid the summons. What do they expect, us checking online websites constantly for summons? We have work to do, life to carry on rather than sit at the computer every single day checking for summons. What the hell is the email registration for? Can’t they use their fine little brains of theirs and send through that email we registered, for notification of summons? That way we KNOW when we are fined! And the other big move they make is they BLACKLISTED straight away for being fined. There’s no warning, no formal email or letter and they just well decided “Oh well let’s just black list them for fun”. What a fine system we have here, lucky I paid for the fine and lucky I got the letter otherwise I would have been blacklisted and can’t renew my driving license and car. Good work and  fine system!

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