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Congratulations if you have got a step closer from an end user perspective to become a consultant as I have. Now when I did reach this exact point in my life, there was nothing much I can go by with. I finished my certification course, got certified and joined a consulting firm. But that was it, I had to learn the tricks, knowledge, experience and methods on my own. And I have to admit it the first few projects I was not that organized, I didn’t know much so I had to learn. Had to learn the methods in SAP, what to expect in a project implementation, how to deal with customer’s expectations and much more. So for this blog entry, I would like to share the tools and trades I used during the project’s I’ve gone through. So let’s get it started.


Well duh! Everyone needs an office software right? So it’s a much straight forward here as I use Word for all documentations, Powerpoint for presentations let it be overview to blueprint workshops and finally Excel which I use for various stuff which includes data migration, tracking of tasks, mapping of data for configuration and etc. Now those are the standard Office apps, the extended version that I used will be Project for project timeline planning and finally Visio for all the data flow diagrams I’ll be doing for Blueprints mostly. Like I said, pretty much straight forward.


Possibly one of the important tools I used. What better way to keep all your notes, clippings, discussions and pictures in a tool accessible anywhere as long as you have internet access. I use Evernote to record all the tips and tricks (such as blog post, links, videos related to SAP) found on the internet that’s useful so I can have reference to it in a single location. With its impressive keyword tag features, finding information has always been quick. And to sort them out in Notebooks keeps your notes updated and organized. Occasionally I use to take photos of whiteboard discussions and save them up straight into a note (lets be frank sometimes I’m lazy to write it all down)

Click here for info on Evernote


Pretty much an important tools as I use it for training manuals, UAT, SIT, EUT scripts for testing and not to mentioned Blueprint and configuration documents as well. I used to use only Paint and Snipping Tool but once I found about Screenpresso I stopped looking. Easy to use and light and most of all there’s a tool where you can edit straight into the screenshots things like steps number, arrows, bubbles, text, blur a region, highlight and a few more. Similar to Snag-It but free, this is the tool I use for screenshots.

Click here for info on Screenpresso


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