My Reviews – QCY QY19 Bluetooth Earphone


I’ve been looking around for a Bluetooth headset for a while and after weeks of researching, I decided upon the QCY QY19 Bluetooth Earphones I’m planning to use this earphones mostly for jogging/walking/running sessions since the cables keeps getting in my way. So I thought it’s about time to get a light weight, not so expensive and reliable earphones for the specific activity of exercising. I bought this for RM86 from and here’s what I thought:

The design is simple and it comes it in four different colors green, blue, white and black. Trying to be adventurous a bit, I decided to get myself the green color. Basic microphone on the right in which button is ready for answering as well as raising or reducing the volume. Package comes with a few sizes for the earbuds selection as well as a poking hook bit that fits in your what I believe is called a “fossa” part of the ears.

Not bad. The sound is crisp but a bit lacking on the bass. The ear buds fits nicely in my ear and the poking hook bit that I thought would cause me problem actually works. It keeps the earbuds from moving too much while I was either jogging or running. It comes in different sizes so it’s not a problem to fit the right one into your ears. As for the earbuds itself, it’s nicely soft and fits nicely in my ear. I do have a problem where at times I lose the signal for no apparent reason even when my phone is in my pocket. It is advertise to lasted for 6 hours or 180 hours in standby and due to its fast charging action, it takes only 10 minutes to fully charge. But well it’s actually lasting for 4 hours on my usage which is okay for me since I don’t plan to jog for 4 hours.

Bluetooth connection is seamless with my iPhone. As soon as I on my Bluetooth earphones, it’s automatically detected in my iPhone Bluetooth list. As soon as I press on it, it’s automatically connect without any problems. But like I said at times, the only thing that’s bugging me from these earphones is sometimes I lose the signal at times during my test when I went up hiking.

Based on some sites it is retailed at USD24 which is equivelant to RM107, but I got it at for RM86.33 so I guess it was a good price. In terms of quality wise I was a bit disappointed with the performance as it lacks the bass though sound is crisp. So for a low budget Bluetooth earphones, it’s not a bad move to start with the QCY QY 19.

Design: 4 out of 5
Performance: 3 out of 5
Integration: 3 out of 5
Value: 2 out of 5
OVERALL 3 out of 5
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