My Reviews – Sony Walkman NW-WS413 MP3 Player

Now I really love swimming but as I do it constantly I found myself bored each time I do laps. Somewhat similar to running, I tend to get bored after a few km of jogging so thats why I love having music to my ears while doing so. So I thought off the same thing for swimming and started looking for small scale but waterproof mp3 player or headset. And after a while I found it in the form of this superb Sony Walkman MP3 player. Priced at RM339 for a 4GB set, sounds like a reasonable value for a waterproof MP3 player. Here’s my further thought on the device:

Took some getting used to in terms of wearing but overall it snugs in just nicely. It is a big bulky but what do you expect right since it is a 4GB MP3 player. Sony graciously supply two types of ear buds in different sizes for different purposes. One for jogging or running and the other specifically for swimming. It comes in four different colors white, green, blue and black. My choice this time, is black. There is no adjusting in terms of the neckband as it appears to be free size. There is however an additional strap to hold it together at the back of your neck. Some don’t use them but I do as I find it useful putting the earphones in place.

Sound is crisp and the bass is just right for me. Wearing it for running or jogging will be just right. As for swimming you can’t do much of the splashing noise you make during your laps but the music is still decently enough to keep you going. I can hear the music clear and loud as I do my laps and the MP3 player itself didn’t move much when I did my breaststroke or freestyle. Only time the earphones bothered me is during my transitions between laps during my glide off the pool side, I can feel the earphones pressing into my ear canal as if its going to pop.

The NW-WS413 have a few external buttons such as volume, on/off button, play/stop/next/previous button, mode button (all songs, shuffle, repeat) and also ambient on and off button. Turning it on allows the microphone on either side of the earphones to capture noise which is useful if you’re in a conversation or you want to listen to the surrounding while listening to your tunes. However its not as good during swimming as I find it not so clear due to the earbuds I guess.

Not to forget the awesome 12 hours battery life which is just nice for those planning to do a triathlon event. Though if you turn on ambient its going to cut the battery life down. The quick charge is a huge boost as it helps charge the earphones relatively fast.

There’s not much integration except for the charger cradle when connected to a Windows PC it acts a thumb-drive like connection. All I have to do is create a folder and move all the music MP3 files I wanna listen into it and that’s it. Easy.

Now for RM339 for a 4GB MP3 player may sounds expensive but do take note that this is waterproof design suitable for open water swimming with no additional earphones all integrated one and a whopping 12 hours battery life. I’m sure there are a few cheaper alternatives out there though I am not sure of its sound quality. Nevertheless value perspective based on quality, material used, accessories inside it and the whopping battery life I guess its a great buy!

Design: 4 out of 5
Performance: 4 out of 5
Integration: 5 out of 5
Value: 4 out of 5
OVERALL 3 out of 5
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