A Holiday Long Overdue – Destination Koh Samui

Well after months of planning and saving up, the day finally comes. I get to go to the one place me and my wife wanted to go for a while now and that is Koh Samui!!! Trip will be 19th to 24th March and am glad that I am able to bring my daughter to this trip as well and I am also in need of a long vacation after back to back implementation projects with the the recent one, here in Brunei. With most things already completed, I am confident enough to leave for the break with my team members manning the helm while I am gone.

With a total of 39 leave days I need to use up, I guess it is about time I have the long break I needed. With all the logistics end already settled (flight, accommodations, car rental), its just left with the itinerary to plan what to do when we are there. I mean have a few places to go to, but well we just haven’t set it in a list just yet. I am definitely looking forward this holiday as way to rest, refresh and reset myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Also using this time to spend time with my wife and daughter on our first family trip together overseas since our daughter birth.  Time to departure….2 days!!


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