Vacation Time – Koh Samui Part 1

Well the day finally came that me and my wife finally get to go to Koh Samui after 4 years of dreaming of it. Finally we get to go with our daughter on hand and we had a blast and fun week. For 6 days 5 nights, we didn’t even worry about work or anything else and enjoyed our time as a family there. I brought my Go Pro along with me to record as much of the vacation I can, but it’s way hard than I expected with my daughter keeping both of us busy throughout the trip. So most of the photos or videos I got will have to do.

The trip started in a rush with us boarding the plan as the last passengers with my wife name being announced in the airport. We boarded a bit late due to us getting some to eat and making sure our daughter diapers are changed and she is fed so she won’t make any noises in the plane. And alhamdullilah, she’s well behaved throughout the flight and we had a pleasant time taking Bangkok Airways non stop to Koh Samui. The journey lasted about 1 hour 30 or 40 minutes so it was kinda fast for our daughter first flight with us. So when we arrived there I was surprised to find the airport looks more like a hotel than an airport.

The weather was hot but not humid like in Malaysia so it was a good weather to begin the vacation. We hit a snag during immigration due to the fact we didn’t fill up the arrival form. Lucky for us Malaysians, we don’t need a visa to enter Thailand. After that, baggage was easy since all our bags are already lined up, ready to be taken. The first thing we did when we got out is to toilet of course before getting the sim card we need for the vacation. Got myself an unlimited access internet for 7 days for only THB300 (MYR39) with a free 25 minutes talk time, Tourist Sim by Tune Move H. Getting a prepaid sim card with a data plan is very crucial. You will ready about why later. The employee there was nice enough to set it up all nice before we head out for our next thing, getting our rental car.

We got our car by booking though online Economy Car Rental under the Sixt rental provider. Pretty easy enough just choose the car, pay the deposit for it a week before, and when we are at the airport just go to the booth and pay the remaining. There as a slight delay though since the guy was not there but when he arrived, it was simply giving my passport details and pay the remaining amount through my credit card since they don’t accept cash for it. I booked a Nissan Almera but for some reason got a Honda City. As long the car works fine, its automatic and the air conditioner is good and strong, I have no complaints. Also here’s why its important to get a tourist sim, I use the unlimited data plan a lot not only for whatsapp but also for Waze that guides me the road in Koh Samui.

I decided to book my accommodations at Iyara Beach Hotel & Plaza through Agoda which was simply enough online and without hassle. And when reaching there parking was a major issue but checking in is simply easy. And the view is simply breathtaking with the clear blue seas and white sandy beach just a walk away. Swimming pool is a bit small but it’s fine for splashing around. The room itself is cosy and big for the Superior room, too bad we got the view of the plaza shops rather than the beaches. I read some bad reviews of the place, but to me it’s pretty much good. The only problem I have of course was the intermittent internet wifi connection. Other than that, its a pleasant hotel to stay in, completely accessible to nearby shops and pharmacy just a walk away.

To be continued in Part 2….


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