Vacation Time – Koh Samui Part 2

Continuation from my previous blog in Part 1. Now, I have already mentioned how hard it is to bring my GoPro and record everything with my 1 year old plus daughter in tow. I can tell you now too, that it was pretty hard to move around Koh Samui with my daughter around. But regardless of that we still had a wonderful and memorable time together so we all don’t have any regards on this trip. So any pics I’ve shared here, well those are the best shots.

So okay to start off, I can also tell, for a Muslim we have a hard time finding halal foods. Even the hotel breakfast buffet which is great, we only tend to eat eggs, bread, toasts, rice and avoid anything that was meaty. Anyway there’s a few halal food that we manage to go to for our lunch and dinner for the total of 6 days we were there. Nothing special except authentic halal thai food. If anyone knows other halal restaurant, do share with me because I am definitely going there again inshaallah.

Some of the beaches we get to go to and also walk was Chaweng Beach, Maenam Beach, Lamai Beach and Ban Harn Beach. Most of our exploration of Koh Samui covers north west to the south west of the island. We didn’t explore the south west and south of the island during our 6 days there. So here’s the breakdown, the beaches everything was awesome, with clear waters. Maenam Beach is a bit soft though and a bit steep ends at some areas, while the rest is just right. I didn’t get to go to some beaches I plan to like the Coral Cove Beach, Crystal Bay Beach, Lipa Noi Beach and Bophut Beach. I’m a water type of person, so I love the beaches and oceans.

Well there’s plenty of that. We went to Lamai to get a few t-shirts which is surprisingly comfortable. We all headed to Na Thon and got some souvenirs such as fridge magnets, some bags and gifts for the folks back home. There was also this shopping mall near hotel, but I can’t quite remember the name. But it’s a pleasant shopping mall and there was this sport shop with plenty of awesome gears. Also there’s this night markets being held in different locations in Koh Samui, unfortunately though I didn’t get to go to those night markets.

The only attaction we all went to is the Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo near Ban Harn Beach. The Aquarium was a bit bleak but as how aquarium supposed to be it has plenty of fishes. There’s however a few shows scheduled and we were fortunate to see the sea lion show. Aside from that we did get to see some lions, tigers, jaguar and a few other animals that I get to show my daughter.

Well I didn’t get to do much since we only get to go after our daughter slept. She get’s cranky if she’s sleepy 🙂 But aside from that I would love to come back here again. Till next time.


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