Tech To Carry – Vacation Time

Image by Ambreen Hasan from StockSnap.IO

I have to admit I don’t go to vacations often, but I’m trying to break that trend and plan to at least spend time with my family once a year, away from Malaysia, on vacation. So during that brief spell of vacations I had before this, I realized that even on vacation, I still need to carry a few essential techs I see now to be crucial and very important. Here are the top 5 list of technology or device I say is essential to carry for vacation:

This is a given right? We all know we will need power-banks on vacations due to our power hunger phones let it be android or apple. We know those phones won’t last a day. And since on vacation we will definitely do a lot of photo actions, GPS driving and videos, those phone needs juices on the go. And my case my GoPro will also consume battery and even though I have a spare battery, it won’t hurt having a power-bank for the GoPro as well. My setup I carry two (2) Xiaomi Gen 2, 10,000mAh. At some point my setup going to change though, as I’m contemplating on getting the Aukey 20,000 mAh powerbank.

Power Extension
You will need this in the hotel room. I’m not talking about the normal extension plugs but instead the ones that have USB plugs on it. My case I use the Pineng PN-333 UK Plug which is compact and has a 3ft cable with it plus a UK socket and 4 USB sockets. Now this is essential as we all know USB is not critical to charge everything from phones, tablets, GoPro, Bluetooth headsets and etc. Additional to that I also bring along my thecoopidea Mini Block which is from AC Power to 5 USB ports. Trust me those plugs are essentials to charge all the device you have and use during the vacation.

There are three types of cables I require during trips. The lightning cable (for my iPhone), USB C Cable (for my GoPro and Xiaomi Gen 2, 10,000 mAh Power-bank) and lastly micro USB (for my tablet, earphones, Samsung Phone, etc). So it’s essential you bring them. My packing would be one fast charging lightning, 1 fast charging micro USB, 1 two in 1 cable (lightning & USB micro) and lastly 1 USB C cable.

Media Streaming
Okay this I don’t carry often but I do sometimes. It doesn’t happen a lot but some hotels have crappy entertainment if you are planning to spend most of the time in the room like I do. So I got myself a compact and portable media streaming player in the form of Chrome-cast 2. Since most hotel I’ve been does not have a smart TV, I will use chrome-cast to project stuff I wanna see, let it be recorded pics or videos, YouTube or Netflix out in 1080 format and onto the TV through the WiFi. Of course without WiFi, well its a problem. Nice to have.


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