Miri Nature Trip – Day 1

I’ve been to Miri a number of times during my stay in Brunei but I never did a road trip to Gua Niah or Bukit Lambir before. So this time around me and a few colleague of mine planned a three days trip and on one of those days is the trip to Gua Niah and Bukit Lambir. Me I personally was looking forward for the waterfall part at Bukit Lambir…been a while since I’ve been to these nature stops. Pack for a simple three days two night trip along with my GoPro and MacBook, this was a trip I’ve been waiting for a while now and I’m excited for it. And well this is how the trip went.

The drive from Brunei to Miri takes approximately 2 hours 10 minutes depending on how fast you drive and on the last leg of traffic entering Miri. We left after office hours and straight off to Miri in two seperate cars since there’s 7 people including me. The drive to Miri was uneventful but when we arrive in Miri town itself, then it becomes slighly lively. We book 3 rooms at Ajang Hotel prior and checked in about 8.30pm. Well the name doesn’t sound appealing but the price (RM710.10 for 3 rooms for 3D2N) is not bad. Plus the hotel overall design, facilities and location is adequate plus there’s a lot of parking spots to choose from.

However internet is damn slow for any youtubing or surfing. I did the speedtest connection three times and its pretty darn slow.

After the logistics part is done, come my other favorite thing to do in Miri, which is to eat!! Nothing beats Malaysian food after you’ve been away from Malaysia for a long extended of time. When you come to Miri the meals you got to try for is Nasi Lalapan, Kolo Mee and the most I missed Mee Kampua. For my case I go for the halal ones hehehe. We had our dinner at this usual joint I went to in my numerous Miri trip call Restoran Muara. And it was nothing spectacular and just routine dinner but a Nasi Lalapan nevertheless and the sambal is simply satisfying.

After the satisfying dinner, comes the part where we release our stress and just relax by singing!! Karaoke time. And well we did not go to the shabby karaoke joint but opted for the more family oriented and clean karaoke establishment. So we went to Party Family Karaoke and for RM158 (RM26 each) for five hours of singing and drinks for 12 people, who can beat that price. It was an enjoyable karaoke session indeed. The place is not bad, perfect for family but songs is adequate but there are few songs I am looking for was unavailable.
Ended the day at 2am after a good singing session but need to wakeup 4 hours later for the Niah roadtrip. Continue on to Miri Nature Trip – Day 2

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