Miri Nature Trip – Day 2

Now the beginning of this day was slight off schedule due to the karaoke session till 5am earlier part of day. I woke up at 6.30 and got ready by 7am for the schedule trip to Gua Niah. Found and killed a cockroach, a no no and minus point for Ajang Hotel. Heater is working fine so that’s a plus and hot water is just nice for my morning shower and morning routine. But after that, I realized that I brought several GoPro accessories mount but forgot to bring the GoPro mount itself. So I’m stuck with the gimbal and GoPro for this trip. A little disappointed with that.

Left for breakfast at about 7.30am, slightly behind schedule by 30 minutes but still within the acceptable range. Along the way drop by at McDonalds for a Big Breakfast meal before leaving for Niah at about 8.30am but we reached there at almost 10am thus we were a bit offtrack.

Anyway parking was easy and after buying the entrance ticket for RM10 and riding the boat across for RM1, we are on our way to exploring Niah caves. You can also rent torch lights for RM5 for the dark part of the journey. And this is the start of the 9km tiring and painful walk to the caves and back. Seriously when you go on this journey make sure cut your nails on your feet. I suffered from it when I go downhill and my nails were killing me since I forgot to cut it day before.

The trip was magnificent even if it was exhausting. The Niah trail leads straight to the caves is about 3km and took us approximately 1 hour to reach there. Along the way you will see some great and unique rock formations and huge trees, so enjoy the view. We reach Trader’s Cave and it was huge with large limestone hanging up above. Took a few photos before moving onto the Archaeological site at the Great Cave. From there, there’s a long staircase upwards then downwards heading a deep underground tunnel. So it’s here you need your torch lights since it get pretty dark from there onward. Be prepared though since from there to the Painted Cave it’s 4km walk.

We reach the Painted Cave but sadly it’s protected by fence since the paintings on the world have now deteriorate due to the elements and not to mention people touching the walls when they visit there. So to protect that, they build up a fence protecting the area and the only way you can see it every so faintly is from a distance. But the cave itself is massive on the other side of the cave. After those visit we had to walk back 4km to the deep underground caves than back to the starting point again and then back to the small boat port. Total up to almost 9km of walk. So my advice since it can get pretty dark by 5 or 6 pm, go to the place early in the morning. At least it will give you plenty of time to go back at your pace.

After the Niah trip we headed up the highway towards Bukit Lambir for our next leg of the journey. Unfortunately the park is closedby the time we reached there at 4pm. So we didn’t get to dip into the waterfall and have a bbq there too. So we had our lunch at the picnic table near the entrance before heading back to the Miri to call it a day. As soon as we reached back home, had a cool shower and got clean and slept the rest of the day until 8pm.

After waking up had my dinner downstairs and head back to Miri town for a much needed foot massage. After the Niah trip trust me a foot massage is what you need to heal those aching feets. Really worth it from RM40. Ended the day and slept like a baby.



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