Print-Relevant Purchasing Document

I came across a scenario whereby the Purchase Order output messages have been generated but when there were changes made to it, the client wanted the output messages to be generated again automatically so that when it is printed out it will be reflected accordingly. So, I did some searching and turns out it was quite simple to do just that.

To start off there is a set of standard field and table that is created. And some fields are not in that standard setup. Take my scenario for example. The scenario is that the line item of the PO is deleted and a new line item is included. So, when the client saves the PO and generate the output, the changes are not reflected in the PO form. This is because that output is based on the old PO details and not the new one.

So what I did was included two fields from EKPO one for deletion indicator for any item to be deleted and the other for item no for any changes to the item no. You need to define this in the print-relevant purchasing document changes.

Set the requirements through SPRO. So, go to SPRO > Materials Management > Purchasing > Messages > Print-Relevant Purchasing Document Changes

  1. Click on New Entries
  2. Specify the table name
  3. Specify the field name from that table in step 2.
  4. Specify the relevant requirements.

So in step four there are four sections that you can specify this field will be effected for which document. So for that you have to tick one or more of the Print-Change Relevance for either Purchase Order, RFQ, Contract or Scheduling agreement. Under routing you can set it or leave blank. Once that is done, click on Save and that’s it, test it out then transport.


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