Disney-Fox Deal … Marvel Fan Rejoice

It finally happened. After the surprising Sony deal for Spiderman, many wondered well maybe just maybe there’s a chance that Disney/Marvel can deal with Fox for the other characters of Marvel which is the Fantastic Four and the mutants mainly X-Men or Wolverine to be more precise. And after months of dreaming about it well it is a done deal as Disney confirmed it will acquire a majority of 21st Century Fox’s assets and now people are talking about the X-Men finally arriving to the MCU or well maybe down the line the famous Avengers vs X-Men comics into a movie line. Who knows right? Well for those who are not sure what I’m talking about refer below:

Referenced from Moviepilot.com

This was before the deal was made between Disney/Marvel with Fox. But as you can see from that deal, that portion of Marvel characters are now in the MCU. Though this merger of comic characters is without its concern and its plus point. Let’s look at the plus points first:

  1. Now we could see the movie version of comic book stories such as Secret Wars, Avengers vs X-Men, House of M among others famous and major comic book stories.
  2. We will definitely get to see more characters (previously from Fox) making a cameo in the MCU probably Infinity Wars 2 onwards and phase 4 of Marvel movies.
  3. I’m guessing now even the TV Series can incorporate all elements together if necessary such as Agent of Shield with The Gifted for example. Hope dope will that be if they referenced each other.

Now for the concern parts:

  1. There’s definitely a X-Men reboot film. I mean we all have to agree that the X-Men was a great movies but the sequel X2 and X-Men Last Stand was not that good but they managed to reboot and combined those stories impressively as an alternate timeline when they did X-Men First Class, X-Men Days Of Future Past and X-Men Apocalypse.
  2. Same goes with Wolverine standalone movies, I only love Logan and did not like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine. Since Hugh Jackman has call it quits to star as Wolverine, there’s going to be a recast of the Wolverine and it’s hard to imagine other than Hugh Jackman as Logan.
  3. Deadpool, well I really do hope they going to maintain the R Rated for this movie since it’s not Deadpool without his insane R Rated actions and words 😀

I’m sure there’s gonna be some things I missed here plus points or minus points but regardless I am happy this deal happened and now we have the complete Marvel pieces to make for an awesome MCU come phase 4 onwards until we get bored with it.


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