Existing Sales Order Link To New Contract

Yes we all know that when we want to create a Sales Order we can create with reference to a Sales Contract. But what about if you already create the SO first before the contract? I came across exactly this scenario when I created the SO already in the data migration and then it was mentioned they want the Sales Contract to be in as well and not only that, they want to show the link in document flow to show the link between the Sales Order and Sales Contract? How do I do it? Simple.

No customisation is needed and you just need to change the Sales Order in VA02. However for this to work the Sales Order data and the referenced Sales Contract data MUST BE:

  • The same Customer (As in Sold To Party)
  • The same Material Number
  • The same Document Currency
  • The same Sales Org
  • Delivery or Billing have not been posted
  1. So let’s begin shall we? First get the existing Sales Order and the newly created Sales Contract numbers then go to VA01 to Change Sales Order.

  1. Next go to the line item you want to link to the Sales Contract. And click or highlight it.

  1. Then go to the top and look for Edit here you will find Assign Contract.
  2. Now here there is two option Header or Item. I found out by using header, the details and contract will be referenced but in the contract release value it will not show any value. Whereas Item if assigned it will show a released value, however when this is done, the Pricing of that line item in the SO will be recalculated. So keep in mind the amount value you need to put.

  3. Once that is done, insert the contract number and click enter or execute. If you have multiple items to choose from click on the Items Selection to choose the contract item to link it to.
  4. Next click save and it is done. The SO is now linked, will show in the document flow and the sales contract will reflect the released value of the linked SO. So me I use the Item selection to copy the SO to the contract.

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