KL Urban Run 2018

Well the day started rather poorly for me. I had a fever the night before and due to the data migration stage of my roll out project, I was going into this run without training for close to 4 weeks. And to top that I got the wrong size for my running T. But since I paid for the damn run I might as well go there and enjoy the run. Anyway KL Urban Run 2018 is held at Dataran Merdeka and the route will go into the Lake Garden area before heading back to Dataran Merdeka. This run is held in conjunction with the 9th World Urban Forum held in Kuala Lumpur. There’s only the 5km, 10km and 15k designated by the colors of the t-shirt, purple, red and neon respectively. I  course I opted for the 10km run and those who ran the 15km will get another cool finisher t-shirt at the end of the race.

I arrived at the site by 5am since I wanted to park real close to the area and free. So when I was there, the parking space behind the Royal Selangor Club (RSC) were still available and I was in luck to find a parking there since it will be the easiest way out with no road blocks due to the all the routes selected for the run. Another reason I had to go early there is to replace my running bib for the one with the timing chip. Lucky I read the email about this on Saturday morning. By 6am the parking in that area are full and more and more runners came to starting point.

There’s a stage set up with what appears to be instruments for a live band but well I didn’t get to see that in action before and after the run. There’s this one cool area where all the food trucks are parked nicely for people and runners to grab a bite or something to drink. Plenty of police presence there this time around, not like KL International Marathon I went to. There’s ample medical staff and ambulance around the starting point as well as some of the location along the route.

I started off later delayed thanks to the 15km runners with poor timing skills as they came pretty late and had to catch up with the rest of the 15km runners already halfway through. So after the delay we started off and the route were pretty straight forward but it become challenging as we entered lake gardens with multiple uphill routes I had to tackled. And due my lack of training I had to brisk walk around most of the time and occasionally jog in some areas. There are ample water station provided but was a bit disappointed there was no isotonic drink supplied. Even KL International Marathon has that. But well who am I to argue?

At the end of the run, we got the certificates (which I forgot to take) and the medals. But to my surprise my Strava showed that I only ran 9.7km, I wondered where did the other 300 meters gone to? Despite the lack of training I manage to clock in 1 hour 27 minutes and 21 seconds with an average pace of 8.59 km/h for a distance of 9.7km


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