Substitution Release Strategy Approver

Now in the world of release strategy for PR and PO approval there is something called Substitution. Now this is used for when the approver is on leave and unreachable, he or she can appoint someone to approve the process on their behalf beside then given them, his or her ID and password. But for this to work, the substituted person must have the following pre-requisites given to them:

  1. They must have their own SAP-ID
  2. They must be assigned the PR/PO in Authorization with a validity date

Once that’s done, here is how to set it up. First step depending on the authorization usually will be the technical team to assign. So if it is get your security guy or basis to set it up for you.

  1. Proceed to tcode RMPS_SET_SUBSTITUTE

  1. Select the user ID of the actual approver (you can search for the ID if you don’t know the ID)
  2. Click on execute

  1. Select on the name of the approver
  2. Then click create substitute and find the user ID of the substitute person

  1. Next set the validity date for the period the substitute will be allowed to do the approval.
  2. Enter the profile (if any is created specific for this scenario)
  3. Activate the substitute for immediate usage or leave it unchecked for future use.

  1. Once completed, the names will be under the approver with status “Deactivated” depending if ticked or not.

Once that is done, it will be up to the approver to activate the substitute when he or she chooses to. To activate do the following:

  1. Enter the tcode SBWP
  2. OR click on the icon SAP Business Workplace

  1. Now to activate the Substitution Rule, click on Settings > Workflow Settings > Activate/Deactivate Substitute

  1. The personal substitute screen earlier maintained in the administration steps above will appear. Click on the substitute person name
  2. Then click activate.

  1. The icon will now be green signalling the substitute is activate. The person will now receive the workflow notification for any PR/PO approval she or he is assigned temporarily to approve.

*Take note again the substituted person must have the authorization assigned to him/her*


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