The Contract Life … A Step To The Unknown

It’s been a hell of a ride and right now I’m about to embark on my next phase of career development. I’ve been doing SAP for a while now and I realized that the one way I can learn a lot and much more focus on the core modules I want to do, will be to start my contract career and no longer tie down to a permanent role. So next month May 2018, I will do just that since I realize that if I do become a permanent role, I don’t think I can focus on develop my skill and knowledge in either SAP MM or SD. There’s always something else that I need to do such as Project Management, coming up ideas on demo, proposal and multiple projects or support at the same time. Now with contract I know I get to do only one project as I am being paid on a daily rate for that task alone. I can manage my time, focus and energy into delivering what I need to deliver at the end of the day.

Aside from the money, I know I have a lot more to do like managing my own time, datelines and timeline since I am after all charged daily and if I don’t deliver there’s always a chance I will be out of the job. Now my first career contract job is for SAP SD Module for only 6 months though extendable to a further 6 months. For a start I am willing to give it a go though now I need to have good money management skills since there’s no KWSP and need to get a medical insurance as I don’t have coverage from a company. Safe to say I am on my own to chart my own destiny and career path. So let’s see how it goes on my first month as an SAP Consultant contractor. Wish me luck!


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