Garmin Forerunner 645 Music – My Take On It (Running)

So I got my Garmin Forerunner on Tuesday and I finally get to test it on Sunday for a 13km running event in the form of Besraya Challenge 2018. Now I was pretty pleased with how the watch performed during the run but there was also one thing I don’t like about it. So I’m going to break down my thoughts in the following 5 topic based on my recent run.


It is accurate. For every lap which is 1km is as accurate as it can be. This can also be set by I’m sticking it with 1km for each lap. After run the GPS coordinates recorded is uploaded to Strava and the route map is just right. I haven’t tried with the GLONASS but I’m fine with GPS for the moment. Maybe when I try for a trail run I can utilize the GLONASS options.


Battery life with the music running and bluetooth on is descent but I was left with 50% from a fully charged watch after my 13km run. Thankfully charging this thing is rapid so you don’t have to wait that long. The lap notification did it’s part in updating me throughout my run. Also I love how I didn’t feel the watch on my wrist and the band that comes standard with it is comfortable and soft.


The integration of the Forerunner 645 works as it should. I’ve connected it to Strava and after my run the map is instantly there and the run is as accurate as it can be. The next app I connected it with is MyFitnessPal. Now with this one initially I didn’t get it to work until I disconnect it and reconnect it through MFP. After my run somehow it did a double input to MFP and I had to delete the other entry before I get the correct value. In terms of steps update, it works just fine.

Heart Rate

Now I really love this part. With the heart rate threshold I finally can run without pushing it too hard. So I can run based on the threshold given to me. So well this one is just what I need and I love it.


Now I love the music on my watch and links it to my bluetooth headset, and the sound is good enough for me. But the one thing I’m starting to get annoyed with is the sometimes signal lost. Now I wear the watch on my left wrist and linked in through bluetooth to my Jaybird X3 in an over the ear style with the the receiver on my left so it’s on the same side with the watch. But if I walk with my hands facing downwards I experience signal lost during a running event. Only when my hands is in running position then the signal is constant. So this is the only problem I faced.

So in summary will I recommend it for a run? Well if you are not into duathlon or triathlon then yeah I will recommend this watch. With the built in MP3 player and GPS and heart rate monitor, you don’t need to carry your phone around like I did before. Plus this one does multi sport as well and the next one I will test out is swimming and probably when I hit the gym and I will see what I find out.


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