Closing Open Purchase Requisition Generated From Sales Order

Now sometimes there is an integrated PR that is automatically created after an SO is created. Now if all those open PR is completed and close well it’s not an issue. But this one is for the case where you want to close the PR as it is no longer active so how do we do that? Well there’s a two things we can do. The first is through the automated way, while the other is manual way usually for the case of PR with partial quantity already have PO and the balance is what needs to be cancelled. Lets start with the automated way:

  1. Go to SE38 and enter in the program BANF_OHNE_KDAUF then click on Execute
  2. Specify the Sales Order number or Purchase Requisition number depending on your preference
  3. Tick on the selection box depending on your preference.
  4. Finally click on execute

Now if that doesn’t work you can try the old fashion manual way. But instead of using ME52N you use the old tcode ME52. For some reason, when using ME52N it doesn’t delete off the item. So when I use ME52 only then it deletes the item as it should and the item is no longer open.

  1. Go to ME52 enter the Purchase Requisition Number
  2. Select the item click delete icon and then save. That’s it.

Now you can try an automate this process through LSMW or MASS update but I didn’t get that far, so if you have anything to share do let me know. Thanks.



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