Intro Of Me

Ramblings Of A Guy is brought to you by me, as my thoughts and views in this blogs are that of my own. Professionally speaking I’m working in the SAP line as a freelance contractor. This blog-site is a way for me to express my views and writing on anything that I find that may interests me and hopefully you. It could be from articles in a newspaper, my hobbies, sports, health, fitness, SAP and anything I can think of. There’s no niche to this blog as it’s all rolled into one. So if you’re looking for a niche blog like my tech blog or finance blog, this is not it. But if you’re looking for a silly rant or random blog about anything, then my friend you are in the right place!

Born in Singapore but lived in Malaysia all my life, aside from my day job, I love to write, let it be technical writing, fan-fictions, stories, poetry, random thoughts or even reviews of stuff I used. I write as a way to express myself, improve myself creatively in terms of writing and thinking, and well finally to maximize my time doing something I love to do. From my blogs you can see that it’s a bunch of non related rants stuffed in one basket and presented to the world in the form of a blog through the Internet. I guess in some ways you can say that this is my online journal except it’s not so private and everyone get’s to see what I wrote…

Aside from my ramblings, I too write stuff about sport events I love to do, like mountain biking, running, swimming, tennis and a few more I play now and then. And my latest offering, video and photography which I am not good but well it’s a start. Well enough about that. Anything to ask you can do so through the details below:

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